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School Bucks is a great way to earn tuition credit and raise money for the Home and School Association at the same time! Tuition credit is valid for Saint Ignatius AND Berks Catholic!


This program allows you to choose gift cards from over 700 stores nationwide and any family member or friend can help you earn the tuition credit. Each time you make a purchase you earn a percentage towards your tuition.

  • Choose your cards from over 700 nationwide options

  • Each card has a specific rebate percentage

  • You get 1/2 of that percentage back for tuition, HSA gets the other 1/2

  • The tuition credit will be applied to your next school year and this year it will be accrued until the end of May



Sales can be done on the website

Click JOIN A PROGRAM on the site and use enrollment code 88C4D2533815 

You will have an option at checkout to be sent to HSA or your home if using the app. If it is sent to HSA a representative will get the card to you.

Orders will need to be in the online que by the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. If sent to HSA you will receive the order the following week.

If paying by check, place your order online and send check to school office Attention HSA School Bucks



Use the RaiseRight App, available for Android or Apple Products


Link a credit card or bank account to your account, and you can be in line at your favorite store and buy or refill an ecard within a couple minutes or less using the app.

Register and use code 88C4D2533815

Open the PDF below for questions on how to use the Raiseright App

Any questions can be directed to Troy Pankowski

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