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Q & A

What kind of commitment does joining the HSA entail?

The Home and School Association is involved in many aspects of the Saint Ignatius of Loyola school functions. As such, your commitment level depends on your abilities and availability. We offer many opportunities in which members or sub-committee members can volunteer their time and talent.

Do I have to join the board?

No, you do not. The HSA is always looking for volunteers for events, such as game nights, book fairs and other occasions.

Okay, I'm interested. What's next?

You can reach out to Troy Pankowski, our HSA president, to discuss how you would like to help out! We are always grateful for any participation, large or small!

If I decide to join the board, what will it require from me as far as time?

The Home and School Association meets only once a month, but is constantly running fundraisers, sponsoring activities and thinking of new events. If you would like to join, but do not have a lot of extra time, that is okay. Your level of involvement truly depends on your schedule. 

What are the requirements to volunteer?

Volunteers are required to have several clearances and must participate in a Protecting God’s Children Workshop. Please click HERE to view Volunteer Requirements.

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